Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rock out and meet TiK this September at Bloor Fest!

Your chance to meet TiK
Everyone loves a good polka - and fortunately for us, not only is ska music easy to polka to, we've got some of Ukraine's best coming to the Toronto Ukrainian Festival this year!

The band TiK will be closing out the main stage show on both nights of the festival this year, which is running from September 12-14, 2014. Somewhat ironically, TiK is actually an abbreviation of the Ukrainian aphorism "Тверезість і культура" (Sobriety and Culture). In any case, it will definitely be a good party - and UCU is proud to sponsor a meet and greet with the band on September 13th at 3PM at the UCU Wealth Strategies offices located at 2265 Bloor Street West.

Stay tuned for information about some of the after parties!

Try not to tap your feet to "Біла хмара, чорна хмара:"

Also check out "Люби ти Україну!", a rock ballad released during the height of the events on Maidan in late 2013. With a deep love of their country, TiK will not only get us dancing, but ignite our love of and passion for Ukraine and helping her realize a peaceful and brighter future.

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  1. Sad!

    There is no JOY in Ukraine, not even in videos,

    Until Ukrainians are able to see beyond the dark clouds,
    there won't be any either.