Monday, August 31, 2015


Svitlana Mazepa, Etobicoke Branch Manager
Kупівля автомобіля — завжди захоплююча подія. Багатьом людям для того, щоби придбати машину, потрібен кредит. Існують різні способи фінансування покупки автомобіля, і, знаючи їх, ви зможете заощадити гроші.

Дилерфінансування найчастіше є дорожчим, ніж позика на автомобіль через кредитну установу. Дилери роблять заманливі пропозиції, у тому числі обіцяють нульовий відсоток на фінансування. Ці пропозиції звичайно зобов’язують покупців заплатити за автівку вищу ціну.

Скажімо, ви купуєте автомобіль за $16,000 і при цьому отримуєте нульовий відсоток на 36 місяців через дилера або одержуєте знижку (rebate) $2,000. Щомісячний платіж на покупку на $16,000 при нульовому проценті — $444.44. Однак, якщо ви берете знижку й фінансуєте покупку через кредитну установу під 5.00 %, ваш щомісячний платіж буде $419.59. Ви заощадите $24.85 на місяць, або $894.60 протягом трьох років. Покупці повинні знати, що відсоткова ставка на фінансування кредиту через дилера є зазвичай вищою, ніж ставка кредитної установи. Якщо дилер уважає, що може побити вашу ставку на кредит, переконайтеся, що він пропонує той самий термін і що немає жодних прихованих витрат.

Якщо ваш автомобіль зараз фінансується через автодилера, то використання рефінансування автокредиту може бути гарною нагодою. Автомобільне рефінансування виплачує вже існуючий кредит на авто за рахунок нового кредитора, і ви просто вносите ваші платежі для цього кредитора. Рефінансування автомобіля, щоб отримати нижчий відсоток ставки, також є доброю ідеєю.

Автокредит надається на певну суму, яка складається з комбінації основної (principal) суми й відсотків (interest), що потім погашається протягом визначеного періоду реґулярними виплатами щoмісяця. Автокредитування має фіксовану (fixed) або змінну (variable) відсоткову ставку на час тривалості позики. Змінна ставка базується на основі головного відсотка (prime rate), який реґулюється банком і може змінюватися. Автокредит надається на термін від одного до п’яти років і є відкритим. Відкритий вид позики дає можливість виплачувати борг частково або загалом у будь-який час.

Friday, August 28, 2015

High interest or no fees, the choice is yours – the story of ucublu accounts

Lesya Babiy, Manager, Mississauga Branch

As many of you know, Ukrainian Credit Union Limited is committed offering our members all the services and products that are available at any other financial institution. Often we are among the leaders in delivering new products. Almost a decade ago now, we introduced the ucublu™ High-Interest Virtual Savings account to match what was then being offered by INGDirect. Soon after that we responded to our members’ request for a virtual account that could be used for daily transaction and thus was born the ucublu too™ No-fee Daily Chequing Account.
Many of you took advantage of the higher interest rates we offer on the ucublu account, while others saw the advantage of a chequing account (ucublu too) that came with no chequing fees! However, we have noticed some confusion among our memebrs about these two accounts; how they differ from one another and how they are different from our regular accounts. So let me take a moment to explain both ucublu and ucublu too.

Interested in earning a higher interest rate?
Are you saving for a new car, vacation, home renovation, next semester’s tuition, or just interested in watching your dollars grow? ucublu is made for those of our members who are interested in earning a high interest rate on their money, but don’t want to lock it up in a term deposit. If you know you are going to buy something big in the next year or so, then you know you have to have quick access to your money.
How does the ucublu account differ from your regular savings account at Ukrainian Credit Union Limited? First of all, the ucublu account pays a much higher rate of interest than our regular savings account, at the moment the ucublu rate is 1.30% (as of the printing of this article – please note, rates may change at any time, without notice, so inquire with our call centre to get the latest rate). We keep the rate on ucublu accounts very competitive with what is available in the market. After all, every penny that you save with Ukrainian Credit Union Limited allows us to grow our members’ assets as well as provide financial support to the communities in which we operate in the form of sponsorships and donations to schools, youth groups, faith-based organizations, culture activities, festivals, dance groups and much, much more.
Secondly, the ucublu account is a virtual account, this means that you can only access it online through our web banking portal, through our ucumobile smart phone banking portal or by using our U-Touch telephone banking system. In order for us to provide the higher interest we have made this account self-serve. The savings from not servicing the account with tellers at our regular branches means we can pass on the savings to you.
Thirdly, the account is meant for savings only, not for transactions. Thus you can deposit money into the account as often as you wish, but you can make only ONE (1) free withdrawal per month. Any subsequent withdrawals in one calendar month will cost you $5.00.

Click read more to find out more about ucublu too!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Victims of Communism

In the National Capital Region community leaders, government officials and foreign diplomats are building a memorial that would recognize victims of communism, and the contribution Canada has made in coming to their aid.

The Memorial to the Victims of Communism will serve as a public reminder of the millions of victims of Communism, and will bring the suffering of these victims into the public’s consciousness.

In Canada, over 8 million people trace their roots to countries that suffered under Communism. Since the beginning of the first Communist regime in 1917, immigrants from Communist countries have flocked to Canada in search of freedom and safety.

As a donor, Ukrainian Credit Union Limited will have the ability to have 5 people’s names of our choosing to be memorialized on the monument. The decision on whom to select will rest solely with UCU.

We are asking if you or a member you know has been a victim of communism please send us the victims name along with their story to or deliver to your local branch before September 20th 2015 for the opportunity to be commemorated in this significant tribute. The individual must be a current or former (deceased) UCU member.

To learn more about this monument visit:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

UCU Helps Ukraine: Roman Panchenko

Roman Panchenko was born in 1994 in Zaporizhzhia. He graduated from college as a welder and worked at the aircraft engine maker "Motor Sich". Since the beginning of the Anti-Terrorist Operation, he signed the contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. "I went into the army, because I wanted to serve, I believe that every man must serve in the army" – says Roma. His father too was a military guy and is retired now. Roma wanted to serve as a paratrooper – he went to the military base himself and got enlisted with the 25th separate Dnipropetrovsk Airborne Brigade. His mom Olga remembers the way he described his first parachute jump. "Everyone said it would be scary. And I waited for this scary feeling. We arrived at the airport, still not scary. Got on the plane – not scary. Everyone jumps – not scary. I jumped – what a beauty!!! I am delighted!!! Where is the fear? – Still no fear! Fear came on the third jump and my feet reacted, I could not feel them!" A year later, the war began. 
Roma was wounded at Krasny Lyman during the fight for the opposition checkpoint. The fight lasted almost all day, the paratroopers ran into the ambush and were fired at with machine guns and grenade launchers. And when it seemed that everything was over, Roman got out to get the water and was shot by the sniper. 

Seriously wounded, he was taken to the Kharkiv hospital where he was diagnosed with a blind penetrating gunshot thoraco-abdominal-vertebral injury with damage to the lungs and 10th thoracic vertebrae, spinal cord injury, damage to the spleen, lower paraplegia (leg paralysis). Originally, Roman was operated on in Kharkiv: the lungs were operated on, the spleen and spine were removed, and the spinal cord wrap-closed. Then he was transferred to Lviv. In the Lviv military hospital, during a complex operation, they installed titanium plates into Roman’s vertebra. After a long time in intensive care, he was transferred to the rehabilitation department. Roman’s rehabilitators were excellent: head of the department Rostyslavs Danylkova, Mariana Gordynska and Olexandra Kolondyak. Thanks to their joint efforts, the guy adapted to the new reality, learned to live in peace with his condition.

For personal courage and heroism in defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, loyalty to the military oath during the Russo-Ukrainian war, Roman was awarded the Order "For courage" III degree. 


However, in addition to a busy student life, Roman has a long way ahead in medical rehabilitation, which requires a lot of funding. His stay in the "Modrychi" centre costs 35 thousand hryvnia per month. We count on help from caring people!

To contribute toward Roman's treatments and therapies, please visit your branch or contact the call centre at 1.800.461.0777 to make a donation.

Lots of photos of the injured soldiers we are helping can be found on our Facebook page in the album UCU Helps Ukraine.

Read the stories of some of our other heroes:

Questions and inquiries about this initative can be directed to the UCU Helps Ukraine committee: 
Kateryna Litvinjuk
Michael Zienchuk
Roman Mlynko

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Win Tickets to See COUNTING SHEEP!

Win 1 of 5 pairs of tickets to go to see "COUNTING SHEEP" performance, for the August 10th performance at the Great Hall in the Summerworks Festival.

Just Like our Facebook page and in the comments below write a soldiers name that UCU is helping  and you'll be automatically entered! 

HINT: Click HERE to learn more about how Ukrainian Credit Union is helping soldiers in Ukraine.
Contest ends August 6th, 2015.

Contest now closed!