Friday, February 28, 2014

Tell Putin to back the **** off


FRIDAY FEBRUARY 28th, 2014 @ 11:30AM

in front of the Russian Consulate to demand that Russia stop interfering in Ukrainian affairs!

Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Toronto
175 Bloor Street East
(Church St & Bloor St) (Yonge Subway Station)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Win 1 of 2 pairs of tickets to go see Counterpoint Community Orchestra

Win 1 of 2 pairs of tickets to go see Counterpoint Community Orchestra. Just Like our Facebook page plus the timeline contest picture and you'll be automatically entered!

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko and featuring the Schevchenko Musical Ensemble!

Program includes: 
Mykola Lysenko - Taras Bulba Overture 
Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 2, “The Ukrainian”

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Good Luck!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Ukrainian American medic on the Maidan

A member forwarded us this account of a Ukrainian American medical doctor who spent some time helping out on the Maidan, Here is her first hand account of what she witnessed:

A few words about my colleagues in the medical field in Ukraine. I have nothing but great admiration and the highest regard for the work of the medics, doctors, nurses, paramedics, and volunteers here. Many lives were lost, but many were also saved at makeshift field hospitals all over Maidan, which varied from the lobby of Ukrayina Hotel, to the Musical Conservatory, St. Alexander's Roman Catholic church to Shato, a pub on Khreschatyk whose owner gave the restaurant over to the medical service. Slava nashym heroyam likaryam, medsestram i medikam!!

Some lives were lost by the medics as well. A young female field medic, wearing a white helmet with a red cross painted on it, and a white vest with a red cross on it, rushed onto Institutska street to help an older man who had been shot. As she was providing aid, she was shot by a sniper and killed. Many field medics and doctors were injured as well.

I was working at the trauma surgery unit we had set up at KMDA city hall. At around 10 AM we began receiving patients. Our room had three surgical "beds", there were about 12 others in the building. We received wounded with gunshots, severe injuries and burns from the shrapnel from the grenades. At one point all three of our surgeons were working on severely injured patients, one of which had such bad shrapnel damage to his right arm that we could see right down to the bones and he had no pulse in that arm..

The medics ran up to our door carrying a 17-18 year old boy on a field stretcher, one of the medics, bloodied up to her elbows, pressing a compress over his right upper abdomen. We had no other table, so we put the stretcher right onto the floor and started working on him. He had a gunshot wound in his abdomen, about 1 inch in diameter, and was bleeding so badly that the stretcher and floor were covered with blood. Pressure was applied onto the wound by the medic. We started IV's, started pumping in fluids. He was going in and out of consciousness, breathing rapidly and shallowly, pale as a ghost. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Win 1 of 4 pairs of tickets to go see #Euromaidan Babylon'13 short films

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

What can Ukraine expect from the West now?

We’re posting an article recently written by Myroslav Marynovych of Ukrainian Catholic University calling on the West to act against Ukraine’s regime:

I write to you as a former prisoner of conscience of the Brezhnev era. All other titles are rapidly losing sense in the light of the bleeding Ukrainian Maidan.All my life I admired Western civilization as the realm of values. Now I am close to rephrasing Byron’s words: “Frailty, thy name is Europe!” The strength of bitterness here is matched by the strength of our love for Europe.If it still concerns anybody in decision-making circles, I may answer the question in the title.First and foremost, stop “expressing deep concern”. All protestors on the Maidan have an allergy to this by now in these circumstances senseless phrase, while all gangsters in the Ukrainian governmental gang enjoy mocking the helplessness of the EU.Take sanctions. Don’t waste time in searching for their Achilles’ heel: it is the money deposited in your banks. Execute your own laws and stop money laundering. The Europe we want to be part of can never degrade the absolute value of human lives in favor of an absolute importance of money.Also cancel Western visas for all governmental gangsters and their families. It is a scandal that ordinary Ukrainians living their simple lives have to provide their ancestors’ family trees to obtain a visa while ruling criminals guilty of murder, “disappearances”, and fraud in the eyes of the whole world enjoy virtually free-entry status in Europe.  Do not listen to Yanukovych’s and Putin’s propagandistic sirens. Just put cotton in your ears. Be able to decode their lie; otherwise they will decode your ability to defend yourself.Instead, listen to Ukrainian media sacrificing their journalists’ lives to get truthful information. Do not rely so much upon the information provided by your special correspondents in other countries who come to Ukraine for a day or two. Hire Ukrainians who live in this country to translate the Ukrainian cry of pain. Secure money for that right now instead of waiting for funds from next year’s budget.Come to Ukrainian hospitals and talk to so-called “extremists” who want to “subvert the legitimately elected government,” those who have “cruelly beaten” policemen and “deliberately” blasted explosives to wound themselves.  Yes, the face of war is cruel. But, arriving at the Maidan, these people repeated almost literally what King George VI said to his people on the 3 September 1939: “We have been forced into a conflict, for we are called… to meet the challenge of a principle which, if it were to prevail, would be fatal to any civilized order in the world.”Go out of your zone of comfort!  Just recall the coddled ancient Romans who refused to do that in time. Cajoling Putin won’t bring you security. Letting him take control over Ukraine could make the world peace even more vulnerable. A Ukraine divided by force won’t bring the world peace, just as a Poland and Germany divided by force didn’t bring peace to the world. Let us conclude in solidarity with the King and the Ukrainian people: “The task will be hard.  There may be dark days ahead, and war can no longer be confined to the battlefield, but we can only do the right as we see the right, and reverently commit our cause to God.  If one and all we keep resolutely faithful to it, ready for whatever service or sacrifice it may demand, then with God's help, we shall prevail.”

Myroslav Marynovych

Молимось за Україну! - Pray for Ukraine!

Молимось за Україну!
Церква Св. Вмуч. Димитрія
(135 La Rose Avenue, Toronto)
Щодня  від неділі 23 лютого до неділі 2 березня, поч. 7:00 вечора.
Запрошуємо всіх до спільної молитви.

Pray for Ukraine!

Starting this Sunday, February 23rd, till next Sunday, March 2nd, everyday, at 7:00 p.m. St. Demetrius Parish (135 La Rose Avenue, Toronto) will be have special prayer for Ukraine.  We invite everybody to come to pray together.

Too early for Easter announcements?

If you live on the west side of the GTA, put this into your calendar.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Another rally at Ukrainian Consulate

Keep the pressure on, let the Ukrainian government know the world is watching, let them know killing dozen of civilians is not going to be ignored.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

'I am a Ukrainian'

Powerful new video posted on YouTube

Happy Family Day!

Ukrainian Credit Union Limited will be closed Monday, February 17th 2013 for Family Day.

Monday, February 10, 2014

"Valentine Jazz on the Vine"

Show your sweetie how much you love him or her by taking him/her to "Valentine Jazz on the Vine"

An evening of great music, good wine and who knows, maybe a kiss or two?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Stefan Bandera - Video and Commentary on Maidan

100 Plaques to be unveiled

Came across this press release from the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation. They will be putting up 100 plaques to commemorate the internment operations Canada undertook during WWI. THis will be a Canadian 1st: No one has ever tried unveiling 100 plaques at the same time. The full text of the release is given below.
© 2014, UCCLF

UCCLF Media Release

Announcing CTO – the One Hundred Plaques Across Canada Initiative

Ottawa - For Immediate Release (26 January 2014)

To mark the 100th anniversary of Canada's first national internment operations of 1914-1920, the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Foundation ( will be unveiling 100 plaques on Friday, 22 August 2014, the 100th anniversary of the War Measures Act.

This initiative, the CTO (“One Hundred”) project, enjoys the financial support of the UCCLF and of the Endowment Council of the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund (

All 100 plaques will be unveiled at 11 am (local time) in Ukrainian, Croatian, Serbian, German, and Hungarian churches and cultural centres, as well as in local and regional museums and other public venues, creating a "wave" of unveilings, moving from east to west, from coast to coast.

Dr Lubomyr Luciuk, the CTO project leader, said: "Beginning in 1994, the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association ( began placing historical markers to recall the internment operations, hoping to eventually have a plaque at each of the 24 camp sites. We started with Kingston's own Fort Henry, the location of Canada’s first permanent internment camp. Over the course of some 20 years our volunteers and supporters have made sure each internment camp location has been marked. The CTO project builds on UCCLA's foundational work. These plaques will hallow the memory of all of the victims of the internment operations and help educate our fellow Canadians about a little-known episode in Canada’s national history. That fulfils the mandate of the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund and of the UCCLF.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

70th Anniversary Scholarship!

This year Ukrainian Credit Union Limited is celebrating its 70th anniversary! As part of the celebrations, we are offering a special one-time scholarship that worth $5,000 to the qualifying candidate and an additional $2,000 to a sponsoring organization. The sponsoring organization can be a church, a youth group, a dance group, or any other cultural organization in which the qualifying student has a leadership role.

This one time, special Outstanding Community Youth Leadership Scholarship and Award recognizes the outstanding leadership of our best and brightest young community leaders, as well as their sponsoring organization. This unique award will be shared between the youth leader and her/his sponsoring organization in recognition of the outstanding individual and collective work being done in support of the Ukrainian Canadian Community.

To read more about this award, as well as our regular scholarships and to obtain a copy of the application form, please visit the Scholarship Page on our website.

Other available scholarships include (click on the banners below to see the requirements of each scholarship: