Monday, September 14, 2015

Win a pair of tickets to the Friday or Saturday Afterparty at the Toronto Ukrainian Festival!

Win a pair of tickets to go to the Friday or Saturday afterparty sponsored by Ukrainian Credit Union and presented by Megazabava, Toronto Ukrainian Festival and Kontakt.

Afterparties are at the Lithuanian House 1573 Bloor St W, Toronto September 18th and 19th 11pm - 3am!

Just Like our Facebook page plus one of these contest pictures and you'll be automatically entered! 

Contest closes September 16th, 2015.

OT VINTA at Toronto Ukrainian Festival!

Ukrainian Credit Union Proudly sponsors Ot Vinta this year at the Toronto Ukrainian Festival! Don't miss the autograph signing session to happen at:

Ukrainian Credit Union Wealth Strategies Group Office
2265 Bloor Street West, Toronto Ontario, M6S 1P1

September 19th 2015 at 3:00pm

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Фінансовий Коментар - Корекція вже тут! Корекція вже тут! saville
Багато аналітиків чекали на корекцію на фондовому ринку США вже протягом довгого часу. Минуло майже чотири роки від останньої справжньої корекції американських акцій, яка пройшла у серпні-жовтні 2011 року. З 17 серпня по 25 серпня цього року індекс Dow Jones Industrial Average впав більш ніж на 10%, і станом на 1 вересня знизився приблизно на 10% с початку року, що вже можна назвати корекцією. 31 серпня і 1 вересня американські акції впали на 3.5%.
Незважаючи на це, фондові ринки США, можливо й досі знаходяться у висхідній фазі, а поточна волатильність, можливо, є лише тимчасовою паузою у рості. 26 і 27 серпня фондові ринки США росли - 26 серпня після коментарів членів ради директорів Федеральної резервної системи, які припустили, що через слабкість китайської економіки і падіння цін на нафту підвищення ставки у вересні може не відбутися. Ріст ринку тривав 27 серпня, вже через нові дані по економіці США, які показали, що зростання залишається стійким: ВВП виріс на 3.7% у другому кварталі 2015 року, значно випередивши очікування економістів. Зростання DJIA майже на 2% 2-го вересня відбулося після того, як компанія ADP сказала, що бізнес у США додав 190,000 робочих місць в серпні, в порівнянні з 177,000 в липні.
Нинішні проблеми американського фондового ринку безпосередньо пов'язані зі слабкості китайської економіки та ринків, а також з падінням цін на нафту. Деякі учасники ринку часто не зважають на ці фактори і стверджують, що ФРС має підняти відсоткові ставки у вересні - з посиланням на сильні економічні дані з США. Тим не менш, глобальні економічні умови також впливають на економіку Північної Америки.
Вибухове зростання Китаю у 1990-х-2000-х роках викликало зростання цін на сировинні товари, яке тривало до 2011 року. Якщо китайська економіка значно сповільниться, це може мати серйозні наслідки для економіки та ринків, занадто залежних від цін сировину, таких як Канада.

Українська Кредитова Спілка Лимитед

Financial Commentary - Correction is here! Correction is here! saville
Many analysts have been anticipating a correction in the US stock market for a while now. It has been four years since there was a proper correction in US stocks – last time between August and October 2011. Recently, from August 17 to August 25, the Dow Jones Industrial Average index plunged by more than 10%, and as of September 1 was down about 10% for the year – what could be called correction territory. On August 31 and September 1, U.S. stocks fell by 3.5%.
That said, US equity markets may still be in a bull market, with the current volatility perhaps only a temporary pause in the markets continued rise. On August 26 and 27, US equity markets reversed the recent down trend – on August 26, it surged as some comments from board members of the Federal Reserve suggested that with Chinese economic weakness and continued low oil prices, a Fed rate hike in September was not a given. The market rally lasted into August 27th, as new GDP numbers for the US indicated that economic growth remained robust, at +3.7% in the second quarter of 2015 – handily beating economists’ expectations. The growth of DJIA by almost 2% on September 2 happened after a payroll processor ADP said that businesses in the US added 190,000 jobs in August, up from 177,000 in July.
The stock market’s negativity can be directly linked to Chinese economic and market weakness, as well as low oil prices. Some market participants often tend to shrug these factors off and maintain that Fed rate hike should be made in September – citing the strong economic data out of the US. However, global economic conditions are also influential on conditions in North America.
China’s explosive growth through the 1990s and 2000s drove the growth of commodity prices up to 2011. If China is to slow down significantly, this could have serious repercussions for economies and markets too reliant on commodities (i.e., Canada).

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

“Куля, що вбила мене ” A fundraising report

Lesya and Anatoliy Padalko. They were not content to sit idly by while
Ukraine suffers at the hands of Putin.

In May of 2015 Lesya and Anatoliy Padalko started raising funds to record an album called “Куля, що вбила мене” in order to help Ukraine. Since then the couple has recorded the album and have begun to raise funds. They would like to thank everyone who has purchased one of the CDs and have asked us to post a short note letting everyone know what has been done with the funds.

$800 were donated to the UCU Helps Ukraine Fund which Ukrainian Credit Union Limited staff and members have been operating to raise money for soldiers injured in the war against Putin's invasion of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea. You can read more about some of the soldiers helped by this fund here: Andriy Palyanytsya. We at UCU are very grateful to Lesya and Anatoly as well as the hundreds of others who have given money to this fund which has raised over $45,000 to date.

Another $500 has been donated to the "Ukraine Information Prostir" program to publish books and other materials for Donbas. $200 went to the Volunteer Centre in Sumy, Ukraine to purchase uniforms for ATO soldiers. Lesya and Anatoliy also sent 500 CDs to Ukraine to be distributed free of charge in the ATO zone to support people's patriotic spirits and to show them that they are not forgotten by their brothers and sisters in Canada.

"Without UCU's financial support of the project and the efforts of pani IRena Dlugosz and the East Mall branch in particular, we wouldn't have been able to achieve these results," says Lesya Padalko. "We would like to thank everyone and wish you health and happiness, while wishing our Ukraine peace! Please check out our new videos on YOUTUBE."

If you want to help Lesya and Anatoliy's fundraising efforts by buying a CD you can contact Lesya directly at

UCU Helps Ukraine: Andriy Palyanytsya

Andriy Palyanytsya was born in 1994 in the village of Oleksiyivka, Kalanchak raion of the Kherson region. In November 2013, he was drafted into the Interior Troops of Ukraine and subsequently served in the city of Kryvyi Rih, Base #3011. Since April 2014, he took part in Anti-Terrorist Operation. He was wounded on July 23, 2014, during the liberation of Lysychansk – his party got into the terrorists’ ambush and fought under the cross-fire. He covered his comrades with his body and sustained numerous wounds.
The following is his own account of the events: "I was injured during the liberation of Lysychansk. We went to the city and the encirclement closed. We were sweeping the city when the shelling started and the local population got scared, people went out in the streets, started screaming and running under the bullets. There was an old man. I went out on the road to let flares so that our APC would come back and at least evacuate that man. And that’s where the enemy bullet  found me... I asked them if they saved the old man. I do not remember what happened next, but the guys said that he was evacuated. The medics did not want to evacuate me from the battlefield, saying "no need, he will die in 50 minutes." But they did take me ... and I survived.
Originally I was taken to Severodonetsk, which was just liberated, where I received first aid, and then to Kharkiv. Diagnosis: penetrating gunshot wound by fragments of the left front-orbital area of the head. In Kharkiv, they operated on me for the first time and extracted one fragment, and the other one was sitting so deep in the head near the eye that the doctor said that he would not touch it, or I would die. Then I was sent to Lviv, where the surgeons removed that piece. They implanted the plate in my head and sent me home. I had a hole in my head that took long to heal and was bleeding, and I started undergoing rehabilitation. I was in the Kherson War Veterans hospital, in the Feofania hospital, in the Veterans Centre in Tsybliv-1 close to Kyiv. Doctor Andriy Tytanyuk visited me there. He examined the hole and ordered me to come to his hospital. Here he examined me and found that the skull began to gather dung. So they had to remove the plate and clean the wound. I am currently without a plate."