Tuesday, September 1, 2015

“Куля, що вбила мене ” A fundraising report

Lesya and Anatoliy Padalko. They were not content to sit idly by while
Ukraine suffers at the hands of Putin.

In May of 2015 Lesya and Anatoliy Padalko started raising funds to record an album called “Куля, що вбила мене” in order to help Ukraine. Since then the couple has recorded the album and have begun to raise funds. They would like to thank everyone who has purchased one of the CDs and have asked us to post a short note letting everyone know what has been done with the funds.

$800 were donated to the UCU Helps Ukraine Fund which Ukrainian Credit Union Limited staff and members have been operating to raise money for soldiers injured in the war against Putin's invasion of Donetsk, Luhansk and Crimea. You can read more about some of the soldiers helped by this fund here: Andriy Palyanytsya. We at UCU are very grateful to Lesya and Anatoly as well as the hundreds of others who have given money to this fund which has raised over $45,000 to date.

Another $500 has been donated to the "Ukraine Information Prostir" program to publish books and other materials for Donbas. $200 went to the Volunteer Centre in Sumy, Ukraine to purchase uniforms for ATO soldiers. Lesya and Anatoliy also sent 500 CDs to Ukraine to be distributed free of charge in the ATO zone to support people's patriotic spirits and to show them that they are not forgotten by their brothers and sisters in Canada.

"Without UCU's financial support of the project and the efforts of pani IRena Dlugosz and the East Mall branch in particular, we wouldn't have been able to achieve these results," says Lesya Padalko. "We would like to thank everyone and wish you health and happiness, while wishing our Ukraine peace! Please check out our new videos on YOUTUBE."

If you want to help Lesya and Anatoliy's fundraising efforts by buying a CD you can contact Lesya directly at lesyapadalko@gmail.com

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