Friday, June 29, 2012

Show Us Your Tryzub Contest Update!

Wow! Here at Ukrainian Credit Union we are so impressed with the entries we're receiving for the show us your Tryzub contest! We're seeing everything from rings to graffiti to cakes! See all of our contest entries HERE on our Facebook page. 

If you would like to enter it's not too late! Take a picture of yourself with a Tryzub and show us your Ukrainian pride! Just email with subject “Tryzub” with your photo and we’ll post it to our Facebook page. 

REMEMBER the photo with the most likes before August 24th wins!

Canada Day Long Weekend

Mnohaya Lita Canada!

A note to all of our members; our branches, call centre and head office will be closed Monday July 2nd 2012 as we'll be celebrating Canada's 145th birthday. We hope everyone has a happy and safe long weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ivana Kupala festival at Zaporizhia in Sudbury

Ivana Kupala celebrations are for folks who like to mix a little bit of danger
 in with their fun. In a controlled, family-friendly environment of course!
The Sudbury Ukrainian community will be gathering to celebrate the Ivana Kupalo festival on Saturday, July 7, 2012 at Zaporizhia the UNF campground on Richard Lake in Sudbury off of Highway 69 North. The event begins at 5:00 p.m. and finishes about midnight.

It starts off by creating male and female representations of spring. They are built on wooden structures using hay and old clothing. Once they are created there will be a celebratory feast - including roast pig. Cost for the meal is a $10.00 donation all you can eat!

The festival harkens back to an earlier age full of arcane traditions. Photo may
not represent actual events at Camp Zaporizhia

Identifying Stock with Growth Potential - Part 2

Today we are holding the next in our series of FREE Wealth Strategies Group seminars. If you want to learn more about improving your investment results, come join us at 2265 Bloor Street West. The event starts with a wine and cheese mixer at 6:30pm. Below is part 2 of an article that ran in Meest Newspaper on the topic of identifying stocks with potential to outperform.

Identifying Stocks With the Best Potential for Outperformance: Part TWO – Looking For GROWTH (for part one of the article click here: Identifying stocks)

This is part two of a two part series on Identifying Stocks with the Best Potential for outperformance. Typically, when sophisticated investors are looking for opportunities in the stock market to acquire stocks that will have a better opportunity to outperform, they tend to look for stocks that are trading cheaply, or stocks that show the best opportunity for growth. Cheapness and growth are two processes for differentiating stocks, and many money managers build their careers based on either structuring their funds based on value (cheapness) or on growth.

In this article we will focus on GROWTH stocks, and look at the determinants that help identify these stocks that are most often used by money managers who adhere to the style of growth investing.

How do you measure growth in a stock? This is a good question, as most often one would think of growth with respect to a stock as the size of the increase in its market value, from a given point in time. This is true, but in general, all stocks are expected to rise in value over time. Those that investors believe will grow the fastest or furthest over time will command a higher premium – be worth more, than those stocks who grow at a moderate pace. Money managers look for stocks that have good growth potential because the market will put a premium valuation on these stocks.   Investors will be willing to pay a higher P/E multiple or P/BV multiple for a stock has a greater growth potential than the average.

In our previous article we wrote about how measures such as P/E and P/BV were used by value managers to determine whether a stock provides value is in the eye of the beholder. With respect to growth stocks, they will most often trade at higher multiples that average run of the mill stocks.  So, growth managers look for specific indicators of a stock’s potential to demonstrate higher growth than average, and then review at what P/E or P/BV multiple the stock trades at, looking to see if the growth is already priced into the stock. 

Just as we saw with the variables that identify a stock’s value relative to the market, there are several variables that investment managers look at when determining whether a stock is a growth stock or not. For our purposes we will focus on three that have worked well in the past.
The first variable we would highlight is Earnings Growth (EG). This variable is one of the strongest quantitative identifiers of a stock that has a high potential to outperform the market. This variable tracks the earnings growth year over year for the past 12 month period. All stocks listed on the stock exchange would be identified, and then each would be ranked according the largest growth in net earnings over the past 12 months (rolling 4 quarters). The 20% of stocks with the highest earnings growth over the past 12 months would be considered the best on this measure, and included in a portfolio. 

In as study of stocks in the S&P 500 Index over a period from 1990 to 2009 (approximately 20 years), this measure had the highest success rate in identifying stocks that would best outperform the market. This was true for periods of a bull market (when equity markets had generated returns of 20% of more from a recent bottom), but when reviewed over the whole 20 year period (bull and bear markets – bears occur when the market falls by 20% or more), this variable was the best relative to 15 different variables tested (“Trading Strategies – Quantitative Variable Review” September 22, 2009, DundeeWealth). 

A second very telling variable that demonstrated success at identifying stocks with a good potential to outperform the market is Sales Growth (SG). Sales growth is measured by reviewing a company’s last 12 months growth in revenues or sales, and those that demonstrate the highest growth would be included in a portfolio. In the same study noted above, this variable ranked second to EG over the 20 year period reviewed, but was best during a bull market period.
Although EG and SG were reviewed only on a last twelve months basis for each company listed in the S&P 500 Index, these variables can be measured on a forward looking basis as well.  

Price / Earnings Ratio to Growth (PEG) – the third variable we’ll discuss here is the PEG ratio.  This measure is very helpful in adding an additional piece of information to the money manager when looking to decide on which stock provides the best growth opportunity. This measure combines a valuation variable with a growth variable. It divides a stock’s P/E ratio with its last twelve months earnings growth profile. In this way, the money manager can identify whether a stock that is demonstrating good growth is actually trading at a reasonable valuation, or whether that growth is already fully priced in. This is the critical measure in determining whether a stock that shows solid growth, in both earnings (EG) as well as in sales (SG), is actually priced like a value stock rather than a growth stock. Often, when looking at the PEG ratio, a stock that is trading with a relatively low P/E may actually be trading at a high PEG ratio, because it is not showing much growth in either earnings or sales. On the other hand, a stock that has a high P/E ratio may actually be quite low on a PEG ratio basis, because its earnings growth is quite high, more than justifying the relatively high P/E ratio.

There are other indicators of growth that professional money managers and sophisticated investors look at when determining whether a stock should command a high multiple and hence rise in value most. We feel that we’ve covered three of those most often used by investors. On June 28th at 6:30pm we will be holding a seminar on how to identify stocks that have the highest potential for outperforming the market, and we will cover these growth indicators, as well as others that are helpful in building a stock portfolio. 

Michael Zienchuk
Manager, Wealth Strategies Group
Ukrainian Credit Union
416-763-5575 x204

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sts. Cyril & Methodius Church goes golfing

This Saturday (June 23rd) parishioners and guests attended the 10th Annual Sts. Cyril & Methodius Golf Tournament. The tournament was held at the Sparrow Lake Golf Course in Welland.
The most honest golfers: Mary Huminilowycz, Carol Wdowczyk,
Yuriy Diakunchak and Mary Chytra. Also pictured is Georgia who was our
5th player and her brother Theodore who was unable to make the game
due to prior commitments on the soccer pitch.
84 players attended including Svitlana Rudenko and Alicia Ritchie of our St. Catharines branch. It was Svitlana's first time out on a golf course. She found the game "challenging! but fun" and says she will be back out next year.

The overall winners this year was the team comprising John Gurskyj, Roman Koprda, Mike Magwood and Matt Szczurko, congratulations guys! 2nd place was taken by Orest Diduch, Yaroslav Diduch, Paul Gella and Marc Huminilowicz. 3rd place was taken by Gregory Darte, Alek Haljkevic and guests.

UCU was proud to be a sponsor of this event. Special thanks to Zenon Chytra, Myroslaw Jankiwsky, Michael Magwood and Aleksandr Haljkevic who organized the event!

UNF Doubles the donation!!!!

So as you know Ukrainian Credit Union committed to donate $100 every time either Team Ukraine or Team Poland scored a goal in the Euro 2012 championship. Since we ended up counting that "phantom" goal that seemed invisible to UEFA referees, that means that we a giving a total of $500!

$300 will go to the USC Karpaty Club in Toronto for their children's soccer programs and $200 will go to the Polonia Rockets U-14 Girls Team in Windsor.

But in a very welcome turn of events, UNF Toronto Branch has decided to match those donations so both clubs will get double the dollars!!!!

You can read more about this on the UNF website here: UNF Toronto says thank you to GTA fans!!

So thank you UNF and thank you to all the fans who cheered so loud. Next time will be the charm!

Team # of Goals Scored     Money Earned
for Donations    
 Donated To
Ukraine2 + 1$ 300 + $300 from UNF Toronto Branch USC Karpaty
Poland2$ 200 + $200 fr UNF Toronto BranchPolonia Rockets
Totals4 + 1$ 1,000!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cash for Goals

Okay so both Ukraine and Poland are now out of the Euro 2012 competition. But both teams scored a few goals so we will be able to make some donations!

Anyway, how could we NOT jump on the "We wuz robbed!" band wagon? We couldn't that's how. And thusly we are going to count that "missed" goal against England and add another $100 to the donations we will be making to the kids of the Karpaty soccer club.

Read more here: Ukraine, Poland score...

Team# of Goals Scored        Money Earned for Donations       
Ukraine              2 + 1 $ 300
Poland2$ 200
Totals4 + 1$ 500

Monday, June 18, 2012

Relay for Life 2012 - Help our team fight cancer!

June 22nd is a special night, as it is the beginning of a wonderful event in St. Catharines, called The Relay for Life. This event is an overnight fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society, where teams in our local area join together to participate in a 12 hour walkathon.

This year (and the past 3 years) I have organized a team to participate. Our team is sponsored by Ukrainian Credit Union. Our logo is a “kozak” and the team name is “Kicking Cancer Butt”. The kozak symbolizes the fight and determination to eradicate cancer. Our team will wear costumes to resemble kozaks, and we are all eager to participate.

If you would like to make a donation to this cause it would be greatly appreciated. No amount is too small - every dollar makes a difference. Donations can be made online ( - go to "team name" and select: Kicking Cancer Butt), or if you prefer you can make your donation to a UCU account which has been set up specifically for RELAY donations (please add a note to the deposit- stating your name and address - this is required to provide a tax reciept for donations of $20 or more). The number is:

Relay4Life 2012- Donations

I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who has participated in this cause, and to all who are able to make a donation.

Irene Mychaskiw
UCU St.Catharines

Junior Achievement

Every year, volunteers from Ukrainian Credit Union go to area schools to teach Junior Achievement classes to students in Grades 7 & 8. Over the past couple of weeks we have visited Josyf Cardinal Slypyj School in Etobicoke and St. Sofia School in Mississauga. On Tuesday we are going to be visiting St. Demetrius School in Etobicoke. 

A student at St. Sofia School made his own credit card.
Looks almost like the real thing!

Zrinka Luburic from UCU's Credit Department taught one of the grade 7
 classes at Josyf Cardinal Slypyj school

The team that came to teach Grades 7 & 8 at St. Sofia School.
L to R: Yuriy Diakunchak, Lesya Babiy, Liliya Boyko,
Roman Litwinchuk, Stin Hrycajkiw, Anna Wasylyk.

We had a lot of fun and it seemed like the kids did too! Looking forward to doing this again next year.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Poland earns $100 for kids soccer with a tie vs. RF

Poland ties 1-1 with the Russian Federation and earns another $100 for a kids soccer team!!!!!

Read more here: Ukraine, Poland score...

Team# of Goals Scored        Money Earned for Donations       
Ukraine              2$ 200
Poland2$ 200
Totals4$ 400

Identifying Winning Stocks Seminar!

We are holding a FREE seminar on identifying potentially outperforming stocks on Thursday June 28th and we would love to have you join us! Space is limited so to reserve your spot, please call Anna Procio at 416-763-5575 x200. The flyer below has all the details. Also below, is the text of an article appearing in Meest this week, where Michael Zienchuk talks a bit about this topic.

Part One – Looking For Value
This will be the first of a two part series on Identifying Stocks with the Best Potential for outperformance. Typically, when sophisticated investors are looking for opportunities in the stock market to acquire stocks that will have a better opportunity to outperform, they tend to look for stocks that are trading cheaply, or stocks that show the best opportunity for growth. Cheapness and growth are two process for differentiating stocks, and many money managers build their careers based on either structuring their funds based on value (cheapness) or on growth.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Shevchenko again earns $100 for a kids soccer team!!!!!

read more here: Ukraine, Poland score...

Team# of Goals Scored        Money Earned for Donations       
Ukraine              2$ 200
Poland1$ 100
Totals3$ 300


Shevchenko at the 55th minute earns $100 for a kids soccer team!!!!!

read more here: Ukraine, Poland score...

Team# of Goals Scored        Money Earned for Donations       
Ukraine              1$ 100
Poland1$ 100
Totals2$ 200

Off to a decent start...

Ukraine got off to a good start today against the Swedish side... still 0:0 at the 40 minute mark, but Ukraine seems to be well in possession of the ball. So far though, they have not managed to win any money for local kids' soccer clubs (see Ukraine, Poland do well...).

Outside Shakey's in Bloor West Village, one of the many venues
in the nabe that is showing the game today.

A team Ukraine fan waits for that elusive first goal.
More photos here: Euro 2012.

Баль Матурантів - 2012

Gaudeamus igitur, Iuvenes dum sumus... Вітаємо матурантів курсів українознавства 2012! 

The graduation ball for students of the Toronto Ukrainian School Board was a raging success again this year as always.The kids are impressive, smart, confident and full of life. We wish them all a very bright future.

The community is in very good hands if the young men and women who graduated this weekend grow up to assume leadership positions. The Valedictorians from the 7 Toronto, Hamilton and Oshawa schools all came across as confident, intelligent and energetic.

14 of the students took part in our Matura Video Contest which is co-sponsored with Western Union. Western Union very generously provides the funds for the prizes which totalled $3,800 this year! First place ($1,000) went to Oriana Hrycyshyn of Tsiopa Palijiw Ukrainian School in Toronto. Victoria Rimar of Lesia Ukrainka School received the $500 second place prize, and Olena Ginda and Alexandra Szewczyk, both  of St. Nicholas Ukrainian School shared the third place prize of $250. Each of their schools received a matching cash donation.

Also, three students, Victoria Rimar, Valentyna Butenko and Katya Brechun all recieved $100 rewards for submitting their videos before the early bird deadline.

Oriana Hrycyshyn accepts her 1st place prize of $1,000 in the
Western Union/Ukrainian Credit Union co-sponsored Matura Video Contest
 from Brian Fox of Western Union and Andre Sochaniwsky of UCU.
All the videos that were entered were very good and it was hard fro the judges to pick a winner. We look forward to seeing next year's participants. We hope they will be as good as the ones this year! But they have a tough act to follow.

The Matura Ball was a great success this year. the parents on the organizing committee put in so much work and were rewarded with a brilliant evening. All the parents though should be very proud as their kids have passed a very important milestone in their lives successfully.

For more pictures of this event, please visit our Facebook page:

Videos are being posted on our Youtube Channel.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Leadership and Management of Non-Profit Orgs

Ukrainian Credit Union Limited is proud to be the lead sponsor of the upcoming panel discussion: Leadership and Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

If you are a representative of a charity, or just interested in the topic, you don't want to miss this moderated panel discussion!

This event, organized by the Ukrainian Catholic Education Foundation, offers a panel discussion on some of the challenges that face non-profit organizations as well as some of the successes these organization can see if they work smartly.

The keynote speaker is Natalia Bordun, Director of Leadership & Management, of the Ukrainian Catholic University.

A panel discussion, moderated by Alexandra Chyczyj (Executive Director of The Advocates Society) will follow. Panelists include:

Lesia Babiak, Anastasia Baczynskyj, Don Sirko and Natalie Witiuk.

The event will be held June 14 at the Golden Lion Restaurant at 15 Canmotor Drive in Toronto, starting at 6:30pm. Admission is $10.00 per person. For more information please call or email Christine Kuzyk 416-239-2495,

We hope to see you there.

Bloor West Village and Etobicoke Winners pick up their Kindles

Andrika (Andrea) Boshyk (above, in white blouse), stopped by our branch this week to pick up her Kindle. Branch Manager Vlad Karman (centre) was on hand to congratulate her along with other staff members. At our Etobicoke branch Juliann Pasztor (below, right) came by to pick up her Kindle as well. Olena Bat, MSO, was there to congratulate her on the win.
Andrika and Juliann are just two of many members who have been switching over to e-statements as a way to reduce the clutter of paper bills coming in the mail. As a side benefit, they are helping the credit union reduce the costs of printing and mailing statements every month which improves profitability and gives us greater flexibility on setting interest rates in today's competitive market.

For additional posts about the contest  please read:

For all pictures of previously announced winners, please go to our Facebook page at the album titled e-Statement contest Kindle winners.

Please note, for those of you that use online banking and still receive paper statements, we will be moving to an exclusively e-statement based model over the course of the summer.

Score! Ukraine and Poland do well - Kids' soccer wins!

Don't lick there though, all the info you need is here!
So, you may have heard that there is a big futbol (soccer) brewhaha going on right now in Ukraine and Poland.

Anyway, since so many of our members are either already over there cheering their heads off, or planning on watching the games here, we decided to do something that will help grow the next generation of soccer stars.

During the round robin, any time Team Ukraine or Team Poland (the co-hosts of this event) score a goal, we will donate $100 to a children's soccer team here in Canada. We hope that we will be doling lots of money out, but of course that will depend largely on the skill the two home teams display on the pitch over the coming two weeks.

Team Ukraine goals will count for donations towards the kids soccer program run by USC Karpaty in Toronto. Team Poland goals will go towards the Polonia Rockets U-14 Girls Soccer Team in Windsor Ontario.

If either or both teams make it into the playoff rounds, then we will decide what to do next!

As of Monday June 11:
Team # of Goals Scored         Money Earned for Donations       
Ukraine               2 $ 200
Poland 2 $ 200
Totals 4 $ 400

Fans watching the Poland - Greece opening match at the UNF Hall on Evans.
The Hall will be full on Monday for Ukraine's first game, so come early

Monday, June 4, 2012

Vote now!

You can vote for your favourite entry into the Fat Cat Colouring Contest by looking at all the entries on our Facebook page and liking the ones yo think are the best!

Go to: Fat Cat colouring album on Facebook!