Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spotlight On: Slawko Borys

Slawko Borys,
Member of the Committee of
Ukrainian Committee members.

Slawko Borys is a guy that you’ve probably met at a Ukrainian event (and seen at most of them, actually). The young and enthusiastic UNF Toronto president also happens to sit on the UCU Board of Directors, and both the Toronto and National Boards of the UCC. Somehow, I had a chance to catch up with him a few weeks ago at the UNF Archives (the home of the UNF Digital Knowledge Project) to talk about things he does outside of attending meetings at 145 Evans Avenue.

His passion for aviation extends to the dance floor as well.
Slawko spent many years with the Arkan Dance Company. 

When he is not taking advantage of the free parking at UNF Hall, Slawko is the Director of Safety, Security, and Environment for Air Canada Rouge, and was actually part of the team that founded the airline a year and a half ago. He’s been with Air Canada since 2010, and loves what he does - especially being a part of new projects like Rouge and being able to develop and see his ideas come to life.

Slawko and Oksana hiking amidst
Hawai'ian volcanoes!
Naturally, a career in aviation management was borne out of a passion for travel - he has been to “too many places to list,” and been to every continent with the exception of Antarctica (which he obviously plans to visit in the future.) His wife Oksana gets to tag along on some of his more interesting adventures - in addition to a recent trip to Venice and Rome, the pair literally flew around the world in a weekend, flying to Frankfurt, then Tokyo, and back to Toronto, making quick visits of each of their stopovers!

Slawko with Ukrainian President Petro
Poroshenko in Ottawa, September 2014.
- photo by Chrystia Chudczak
For all the places he's been though, the one undoubtedly closest to his heart is Ukraina, and Slawko has taken a very active role in organizing our community to be most effective in providing support and relief to those who need it most. As a key member of the Euromaidan Canada committee, Slawko has taken part in the organization and implementation of a wide variety of at-home and over-there projects, and encourages anyone wanting to send relief, individually or as a group, to get in touch with the committee to report their activities. They've got a playbook of sorts, and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and contacts useful to all that will minimize duplication of efforts. The committee meets at 7:30PM on Monday evenings at ...just guess... (145 Evans in case you are still wondering - Ed.).

Slawko's passion for our community is palpable and his involvement has certainly made an impact in community life here, and also in Ukraine. Ukrainian Credit Union Limited commends him for his tremendous efforts and is very proud to call him a member of our Board!

Fast facts:

- Ukraine quotation or song:
"Все йде, все минає — і краю немає,
Куди ж воно ділось? Відкіля взялось?
І дурень, і мудрий нічого не знає."
~ Тарас Шевченко, "Гайдамаки" 1-3
- Ukrainian food: Baba's Varenyky
- Ukrainian band: A passion for a lot of classic Ukrainian-Canadian bands...Anything with Ron Cahute, Dunaj, Solovej.... basically the collection of cassettes in your Dido's Oldsmobile.
- Kolomeyka dance move: backbreakers
- Ukrainian Hero: there are too many to choose from...
- Favourite place to have Ukrainian meetings: the beach at Hawkestone

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