Friday, May 23, 2014

A Giant Ripka at the Hamilton Farmers' Market? Vote here to help make it happen!

Toronto's Kosa Kolektiv ( has been bringing fresh Ukrainian spirit, soul and folk art to the forefront of the GTA's cultural landscape over the last few years, inspiring many of us to re-embrace and celebrate our ancestors' vibrant and rich traditions. Whether trying our hand at crafts, dusting off our voices at a singing workshop, or taking part in holidays and celebrations like our ancestors once did, Kosa has lead the charge in a cultural revival that has reinvigorated our Ukrainian spirit and brought a lot of colour and fun to our community.

Now, two of its members, Olenka Kleban and Oksana Hawrylak, are in the running for the Hamilton Farmers' Market Public Art Contest -  with an amazing proposal based around the the classic Eastern European children's story The Turnip (or "Ripka" as its known in Ukrainian).

Designed and styled to look like intricate traditional papercuts common in many cultures, the steel turnip leaf sculptures (of course made of Hamiltonian steel!) will stand 4'-7' tall, with one featuring an adapted translation of the traditional "Ripka" story for all to share and enjoy. Read the story and learn more about their proposal here. 

Just like this favourite story teaches - when we all work together, tremendous things can be achieved - support these incredible and talented community leaders bring the Ripka story to life by voting HERE, and sharing with your friends!

The contest closes this Sunday, May 25th - so ensure you cast your vote by Sunday!

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