Friday, February 27, 2015

The Kremlin Black Book: Facts on the Invasion

The Ukrainian Government has published an English-language online publication which outlines the costs that Ukraine has incurred as a result of Russian aggression in Krym and the ATO zone since it began in February of 2014.

The report presents some startling statistics on the tolls - civilian, financial, and infrastructural that has thus far been difficult to obtain. 

For example, did you know that in the Donetsk region ~117,000 are left without power, and around ~515,000 have no water?

That 978,482 Ukrainians have registered as displaced?

Totals of casualties and injured: Screengrab from the Kremlin's Black Book.
Additional screengrabs of the report are below, but please do peruse it in its entirety - and share with your friends.

Facts on key infrastructural damage: Screengrab from the Kremlin's Black Book.
The report also highlights several macroeconomic variables that have been greatly effected by the conflict and begin to paint a real picture of the challenging road ahead.

Additional economic data available in the Kremlin's Black Book.
The full version can be viewed here.

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