Wednesday, September 3, 2014

#SUSKhasHope - Wear Your “Hope / Надія” Shirt and Show Your Support!

SUSK's “Hope / Надія” T-shirt Project, launched in March of this year, has been a great success on many levels - in addition to raising funds, it has succeeded in raising awareness and keeping the spirits Ukrainians in Canada and abroad hopeful for a brighter future and a free and independent Ukraine - a dream shared by Taras Shevchenko, poet and icon of Ukrainians who is prominently featured in the design.

SUSK now calls upon students and others in the community to continue to support Ukrainians in their fight for democracy with a new social media campaign! Take a photo of yourself and friends wearing your Hope / Надія shirt and post with the #SUSKHasHope hashtag to show Ukraine that we still standing strong behind her! 

Get more info at or email SUSK directly at 

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