Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A new home just a phone call away with Ruslana and Petra Wrzesnewskyj!

Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj hardly needs an introduction: she has been a prominent member of the Ukrainian Diaspora in Canada community for a long time. This active and compassionate woman was born into a Ukrainian family in Toronto. Her parents, Roman and Irena were respected members of the community. Ruslana’s grandparents founded a well-known Future Bakery, which is currently owned by Ruslana’s brother, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, who is also a Member of Parliament in Etobicoke Centre. Ruslana always speaks fondly about how much the community, her parents and the Ukrainian school and church she went to meant for her moral and spiritual upbringing. Ruslana considers being grateful a very important personality trait and has always instilled this feeling in her children and grandson.

Ms. Wrzesnewskyj graduated from the University of Toronto (Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, specializing in Occupational Therapy and Psychiatry) and for ten years worked in psychiatric hospitals in rehabilitation medicine and occupational therapy. However, after an accident with a patient, which threatened her own life and the life of her future child, she chose the profession of a real estate agent. Ruslana based this choice also on her long-time fascination with the intricacies of real estate deals as well as with interior design and antiquities. So, 20 years ago she started her real estate business.

Her eldest of four daughters, Petra, runs the business together with Ruslana. Real estate is not Petra’s first profession either. She is a political scientist by education and when her mother lost her trusted business partner, Natalia Tanchak, who passed away ten years ago, she offered her help and became a real estate agent. Now, the mother and daughter business partners combine Ruslana’s wisdom and experience with her daughter Petra’s enthusiasm and drive. During Ruslana’s frequent travels to Ukraine, she often leaves the business for Petra to run.  Ruslana’s other daughter Anka, who is studying design, helps them also. Apart from her Toronto-based real estate business, Ruslana also owns the Hatky Ruslany hotel and the Donechky restaurant in Ukraine, close to Vorokhta.

“I work hard but I am my own boss. Our goal is to sell as many homes in six months as the others do in 8-10 months because we need time for our volunteer work in the Help Us Help the Children project”, says Ruslana, and continues, “I believe that money is not everything, one needs to do something for one’s soul. It is important to find a balance between the material and spiritual things. In my case, this project is very important to me and important to help the less fortunate in Ukraine.”

Ruslana founded the Help Us Help The Children project (HUHTC) more than 20 years ago. Currently, her daughters and the team of volunteers both in Canada and Ukraine help her run the project. But Ruslana still spends a lot of time in Ukraine. The project currently helps orphaned children and provides rehabilitation for the widows and parents of Ukrainian soldiers killed in the Donbas, as well as for the demobilized soldiers.

Ruslana says that her business success is the result of her cooperation with a team of decent and professional people: lawyers, contractors and staging specialists. Anka and Petra, together with the women who do the staging, can change the house beyond recognition. This service comes free of charge, unlike most competitors. Ms. Wrzesnewskyj says: “It’s our rule not to tell the client that their home lacks something. We offer them 2-3 days to make their home more presentable and marketable.” Ruslana uses the services of Victor Lishchyna, who she considers among the best Toronto lawyers, and refers the clients to Ukrainian Credit Union Limited, which always has great offers, especially for first time buyers. Ms. Wrzesnewskyj also appreciates the services of a professional contractor Danylo Lutsiv who is very dependable and always ready to give a good advice.

Some people mistakenly think that the Team Wrzesnewskyj only sells expensive houses. The truth is, Ruslana and Petra often help first-time buyers who then become their permanent clients. Many of Ruslana’s friends were her clients at the onset of her business and the firm has also helped many of Petra’s friends. Ruslana Wrzesnewskyj believes that, with her team’s professionalism, industriousness and perseverance, their success also rests upon their care for clients.

Team Wrzesnewskyj carefully listens to the clients and tries to offer them what they really need. Buying and selling real estate is a lengthy process and establishing a good rapport with clients and becoming a part of their family allows them to find the kind of home the family needs. This is how Ruslana and Petra Wrzesnewskyj win new clients and retain existing ones. The Wrzesnewskyj’s do not just provide quality services; they fulfill their clients dreams about their new homes.

Ruslana notes, “People tend to change homes from time to time and it is very important for realtors to “hold the clients by hand” and win their trust, so that they turn to the same realtor time and time again. Word of mouth is the best marketing tool in our business but we also advertise on the Internet and periodicals, including Ukrainian ones.”

Ruslana is confident that owning a business is for brave and determined people. It is not always possible to achieve success from the very beginning but it is worth to try and be persistent, to take chances and believe in your ideas.


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