Friday, October 16, 2015

UCU Helps Ukraine: Valeriy Pavlovych Sazonov

Valeriy Pavlovych Sazonov, born in1971 in the village of Novopokrivka, Kharkiv region. He served under
contract in 79 Mykolaiv Airborne Brigade. Starting from the spring of 2014, the Brigade defended the Donetsk airport. On June 1, while in the first defense line, Valery took a heavy concussion in the head from the shell explosion. He was taken to the Dnipropetrovsk hospital, where the hematoma was removed from his head. He was later treated in the Kharkiv hospital. Now he is the Lviv hospital, his left side is paralyzed. He requires a long and expensive rehabilitation. His younger brother is taking care of him.

To contribute toward Valery's treatments and therapies, please visit your branch or contact the call centre at 1.800.461.0777 to make a donation.

Lots of photos of the injured soldiers we are helping can be found on our Facebook page in the album UCU Helps Ukraine.

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Questions and inquiries about this initiative can be directed to the UCU Helps Ukraine committee: 
Kateryna Litvinjuk
Michael Zienchuk
Roman Mlynko

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