Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Knowledge Fund helps students in Western Ukraine

A group of students with their new tablets
Ukrainian Credit Union Limited has, from time to time, supported events organized by The Knowledge Fund to raise money for computing equipment for students in some of the poorer regions of Western Ukraine. Anna-Sofia Lesiv, the young lady who is the main organizer of this initiative sent us some photos and a letter updating us on the progress of The Knowledge Fund's efforts. We reproduce the letter below:

Dear UCU
Once again, I wanted to reach out to you and inform you of the latest achievement of The Knowledge Fund. The fundraising initiatives of the organization, in addition to the Ukrainian Credit Union’s generous donations have produced The Knowledge Fund’s latest success. Earlier, this September, just in time for the start of the new school year in Ukraine, 16 tablets were distributed to students in Skolivskyj and Turkivskyj rayony — some of the most under-developed regions in Western Ukraine. The students who received the tablets are orphaned and under the care of the government or a close relative. We hope that this access to technology and the Internet will open up a greater field of possibilities for them, and help them significantly in their studies. 
That being said, students in Skolivskiy and Turkivskiy rayony are not the only ones that need such support —- which is why it is crucial to continue disseminating information about the reality of education in Ukraine, and the goal of The Knowledge Fund. I would really appreciate it if the UCU could include mention of this achievement in its newsletter, Facebook page, other social media to inform its members of The Knowledge Fund’s mission, and of the significant role of the UCU in this success! 
I have incredible gratitude for all that the Ukrainian Credit Union has done so far to help this cause. 
Thank you. 
We wish Anna-Sofia and her group much success in their endeavours.

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