Monday, October 3, 2011

Save a tree! Win an iPad! Grand prize winner announced

Roman Pyndiura holds the iPad he won in UCU's
Save a tree! Win an iPad! e-Statement contest 
Well we had several hundred people sign up to stop receiving their paper account statements and instead convert to e-statements only. Over the past two months we drew several names from among them and five people ended up winning iPod Nanos. You can see the list of winners here.

But the big prize if you remember was an iPad. Well, the moment everyone has been waiting for so long is now here. This morning we gathered up all the entries once again and in front of three witnesses who certified the results, we drew the final name..... and the winner of the iPad is: Roman Pyndiura! Congratulations!

To opt out of e-Statements, either email our or log into your online banking account and fill out the request form.


  1. Any pictures from this event?


  2. The grand prize winner's photo is in the post above, he was able to come a pick up the prize at the So-Use building at Bloor and Durie. I'll be uploading a photo of one of the other winners (of an iPod Nano) later. The other winners are either located far enough away that obtaining a photo was not a simple option, or in one case, have not yet claimed their prize.