Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Nasha Kasha - Program about Ukrainian life in Ontario

We received an email from Steve Andrusiak announcing an exciting new Ukrainian program. Here is a redacted version of his email:

It was my pleasure to travel from London, ON to Sudbury earlier this month to complete interviews for two stories I am about to produce for my new radio program....  The program has been airing on 94.9 CHRW FM on the campus of Western University in London since early May. Now I am truly pleased to announce that CHLU-FM: the Laurentian University radio station in Sudbury has offered to air the show every Tuesday afternoon.

Nasha Kasha is a 30 minute radio program about Ukrainian life in Ontario and beyond.  It is in the English language with ample servings of Ukrainian.  Host Steve (Stefan) Andrusiak travels to bring listeners a rich serving of stories about struggles and joy, issues and successes of ordinary Canadians and their Ukrainian heritage.  Early episodes include the Irish-Ukrainian roots of artistic director Susan Ferley, who led the Grand Theatre for 15 seasons.  Other travels feature Sudbury, Kingston, London, Montreal, Los Angeles, Ottawa and Toronto. The word kasha means "porridge". Nasha means it is "our own". Nasha Kasha is radio nourishment for the Slavic soul. But our kitchen is open to ALL of our listeners and we invite you to enjoy!

NASHA KASHA will air every Tuesday from 2:30-3PM (14:30-15:00) on CHLU-FM. .

In closing, I wish to acknowledge with appreciation, the Ukrainian Credit Union for its support of part of my travel to your city.

Stefan Andrusiak, reporter-host

Below are some links to program episodes:

Episode #1  Natalia and Maksym (London, ON)
Episode #2  Susan Ferley (London, ON)
Episode #3  Spivanka (Montreal)
Episode #4  LA Hromada (LA)
Episode #5  Erasing Identity- Fotys and the Tokes (Oakville/Laval)
Episode #6  Nadiya (Kingston)

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